Top 5 Speedsoft Builds – A Bit Controversial – SpeedQB/Airsoft Countdown

Top 5 Speedsoft Builds – A Bit Of A Controversial Topic – SpeedQB/Airsoft Countdown

It’s time for a surprise countdown that some might be cringing at just by the sight of the title but wait, hear them out because these players have a statement to make, or a few statements to make. From California, Florida, New York, and even Denmark we took in some of the most competitive builds to date for a stereotype, myth busting show but is it enough to give these players a chance on your field?
With all the stories, with all the videos, with all the hate to the side we’ll dive into just what the Speedsoft and SpeedQB community have to back up their play style with.

A special thanks goes out to both the SYG Team and Tapp Airsoft for their help in making this awesome countdown come to life so be sure to check them out to get the low down on just how these Speed Teams own the playing field.

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