Top 5 Tokyo Marui Airsoft Builds – Gold Desert Eagle, MattTheMusketeer, and Killzone

Top 5 Tokyo Marui Airsoft Builds – Gold Desert Eagle, MattTheMusketteer, and Killzone

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5A. Mark – AMT Longballer Long Slide 1911

5B. Octagon Airsoft – Limited Edition Gold Desert Eagle

4. Mans – M733

3. Dominick – devgru edition 416
BTC spectre mosfet, lonex gears, a prommy piston, an eagle6 m100 spring, new steel bushings, a surefire m600b, a visionking shortdot, a g&p dbal, and a magpul rvg balance

2. Daniel – NGRS SOPMOD
BTC Spectre mosfet, Eagle 6 M110, Prometheus purple hop bucking, Prometheus returner 6.05mm barrel, D boys KAC SPR Mk12 Mod 1 RAS handguard and barrel are machined fit with a Madbull low profile gas block, Z Airsoft OPS 12th suppressor, TM DEVGRU CQD sling plate, ARMS #22 mid mounts with top RIS rail
a Clone Loophold M3 Mk4 3-9×40 scope, a Docter micro red dot, a Harris Bipod with QD mount, an AN/PEQ 2 battery box, KAC rail covers and a vertical grip.

1A. Adria / Jordi or Gattsu from gattsu customs – Custom VSR-10
PDI bore up kit, Edgi 6.0 554mm Barrel, pdi Trigger, PDI Barrel Spacers and cyliner, orignal marui hopup and a 280% PDI Spring, PDI Bolt Handle, pdi suppressor adaptor, VFC Bipod, M40a3 Monster Stock body, remmington MARS rail System

BTC Spectre Mosfet, Prometheus Gears, Prometheus Air Nozzle, Prometheus Steel Cylinder, Prometheus Piston, Prometheus Piston Head, Eagle6 M100 Spring, Prometheus Recoil Spring Guide, Eagle 6 Recoil Spring, KoA AAC Ultra Motor, EdGI Barrel, Prometheus Purple Hob Rubber, Laylax Trigger Lock Pin, Laylax Frame Lock Pin, Laylax Hard Castle Nut, Laylax Hard Barrel Support

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