Top 6 Coolest Daytona Builds ( Daytona Airsoft Gun Countdown) with Special Guest: NDL Mongoose

While Texas as a whole gets wrecked by flooding, tornadoes, and media, Scott and Kevin (NDL Mongoose) bring 6 of the nicest Daytona Guns to light… that were submitted. Dive into this USAirsoft original with a judgmental eye as this countdown was close to being completely different so you can judge for yourself if our judges were right on their calls or if they need to check their judgments.

It was amazing to get to work with a narrator I’ve enjoyed for quite a while so of course I was trying my hardest to represent myself while being a fan boy but anyways I thank Kevin for joining me on this countdown and I ask that you check his channel out and subscribe if you like what you hear which I know you will.
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Track: FTampa & WAO – Troy

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6. Daytona Classic Army FAL
5. Daytona MP5K
4. Daytona WE SCAR – L
3. Daytona Real M4 – Ares Amour
2. Daytona Galil SAR
1. Daytona Echo 1 SA-58 – Brain Exploder Mark

Not sure what a Daytona even is? Well here’s some links for you to check out and enjoy!

AEG to Daytona Convert:

Chau Time Reviews – TNK / Daytona MSK:


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