Top 7 MilSim Airsoft Loadouts – Airsoft Loadouts and Kits Countdown

Top 7 MilSim Airsoft Loadouts – Airsoft Loadouts and Kits Countdown

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Loadout Part Lists

KTW Flintlock springer
period correct clothing
rubber m4 bayonet
Cold Steel training tomahawk
Custom powder horn

M1 helmet with Mitchell camo cover
Jungle boots with spike protection
M1956 loadcarrying equipment with M56 Belt
3 M56 Ammo pouches
3 M56 Canteens and covers
2 M56 first aid pouchs
an M61 individual fieldpack
an PRC-25 radio carrier with a PRC-77 in a Radio accessory bag
two 5.56 7 pocket bandoliers
4 Dummy smoke grenades
a Fulton MX991/U Flashlight
a Poncho/bedroll
an M56 shovel and cover
a Camping stove
Extra socks
a G.I. towel
and the good old American flag

58 pattern load bearing equipment that was used in battle
the helmet is also a lightweight parachutists helmet
S-6 gas mask
1968 pattern DPM fatigues
1958 pattern poncho
Lightweight Parachutists Helmet AKA M-76 para lid
a “captured” Gletcher APS w/ Issued soviet holster-stock
and I very nice King Arms FAL

Lancer Tactical FMA Maritime Carbon Fiber/Aramid Helmet
Dual PVS 14s
a Wilcox L4G24
a Peltor Comtac 3s
a GoPro Hero 6 to film and capture gameplay for his youtube channel called asianwithhat
an Opscore Helmet Cover and Opscore NVG Skeleton Shroud
an FMA Manta Strobe
Oakley M-Frame 2.0s
Crye G3 Combat Shirt and Pants
Salomon 4D GTX 2 boots
orignal Mechanix Gloves
a Blackhawk Riggers Belt
Safariland Knock-off 6354DO (TMC)
an Eagle Dump Pouch
a Crye AVS
an TMC Beaver Tail Assault Pack
a MWTS Kydex Insert
Magpul PTS PMAGs
Blackhawk Closed Top Double M4 pouches
an Eagle 100rd Nut Sack Pouch
an Eagle IFAK and a Eagle Flare Pouch
while for his primary he runs a Tokyo Marui New Gen Recoil Shock Block II and a VFC Glock 17 with a surefire knockoff x300
(EOTech 553
EOTech G33 Flip to side magnifier
KAC Grip
BrainExploder camera setup
VTAC 2 Point Sling
Surefire M600u knockoff
Secondary (Sidearm)
VFC Glock 17
Surefire X300 knockoff)

Arc’Teryx Talos pants, an Assault shirt and Assault Balaclava make up the base line, however Chris plans on swapping his pants for the Assault Pants at some point in the near future as ‘The Met’ decided on the change mid 2017.
The rig is a C2Rmor Lite in Wolf Grey, and the IFAK on the rear
the dump pouch, radio pouch and groin panel are all from C2R as well

his belt line then creates the police look, utilising a Baton and nitrile gloves. then we have a Safariland Holster for Chris’s Glock and a 5.11 dual pistol pouch for extra Secondary magazines.

The helmet base is a TMC High Cut Ops Core in Black that will be swapped for a Real Ops Core later on
a set of Peltor XPI Ear Defenders with Arc Rail Adapters, JSP Thermex Goggles which have been modified to fasten to the helmet using the Smith Optics Bungee Kit and a replica Axon Body 2 camera with pencil cam

then the rifle you see is a Sig MCX Licensed by CyberGun

M05 woodland variant Lithuanian BDU
Used and issued Lithuanian m05 woodland LBV complete with large radio pouch and flotation pads
Russian gssh earpro
Mich Helmet

a Crye precision JPC with BFG pouches, and crye 330d pouches. this is used on shorter ops and CQB.
a Crye precision CPC Loaded out with more kit focussed on sustainment for longer ops. with 2 crye precision back pannels.
a Crye precision CVC
a Mayflower UW gen 3 chest rig
a Multicam LVMBAV plate carrier
All carriers are used with real ceramic plates and a TRI 148 Radio
ronin tactics shenshi belt. I have 1 Eagle FB m4 and 1 eagle glock mag for first reload. Emdom zippered dump pouch, Glove clip, and a safariland DO6453 with a glock 14 with a surefire x300.
moving up to the Helmet setup
Airframe with crye precision cover, M-ax mount with a surefire scout head and tail, DPAM mount, battery pack, Contour mount on the right, Helstar 5, Peltor Comtac 3 for comms. lined with a team wendy epic air for comfort and a Team wendy camfit for stability when using night vision.

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