Top Airsoft Kills And Kill Streaks – Best Clip Wins $50!

Top Airsoft Kills And Kill Streaks – Best Clip Wins $50!

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Thank you Overwatch Tactics for your help!
Overwatch Tactics Website:
Operation Land Rush:

Want to submit your footage for a chance to win $100?
Then turn in your videos to
Please don’t submit footage with copyrighted music and please tell me where the footage was taken, what equipment you were using, and leave a time stamp for when the action begins if your video exceeds 3 minutes long.
Thank you!

The DeeMoe’s footage:
DeeMoe’s channel:

Tactical Tam’s Instagram:

Srub Papa’s video:

Tristan’s grenade launcher shot to the face!:

HC Republic’s footage:

Magaz’s channel:

Cannonball Brad’s video:

Outer Heaven Airsoft:

Are you missing from this lineup? Let me know and I’ll add your links!

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