Unboxing G&G Top Tech MP5SD6 Blow Back Airsoft Gun – EpicAirsoftHD

This midweek episode, Jai unboxes the G&G MP5SD6 commonly used by the SAS. We already did the review for this gun so you can click on the annotation on the bottom left of the video to take you there, or alternatively click on this link: http://youtu.be/pFcyM0PMRqk

Hit MakoTV here and drop them a like or two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqJ-rbU6vCA

If you want to buy this gun, it’s available (worldwide shipping) at Airsoft World here:

If you want to buy this gun in the US, it’s available at ASGI here:

The Red-Dot Jai was using can be seen here:

To browse the rest of Airsoft Worlds stock, visit their page here:

Jai’s using Revision Military ballistic glasses in this video, see them at the link below, or check our our earlier videos for a two-part review on their range:

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Music (used with permission) by: You Already Know
You can buy their albums on Amazon and iTunes!

Presented by: Jai
Shot & Edited by: Graeme Hutton


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