Understanding Gun Control With Airsoft

In this episode Alex is joined by our gaming correspondent, Jake, and our friend, Cam, and they discuss Nintendo’s approach to local multiplayer, airsoft as a gateway into the gun debate, American attitudes towards buzzwords like “socialism,” political ads, and underrated Disney movies.

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00:40 Nintendo is the only gaming company that does local multiplayer right anymore

05:12 PlayStation is terrible at online services

13:50 Airsoft is an amazing tool to understand the gun debate

32:19 Americans need to stop fearing socialism

34:18 Independent progressive media is an underrated alternative to mainstream media

38:51 WiFi needs to be added to our list of public goods/services

55:21 The conservative dialogue tree

58:55 Political ads do nothing but waste paper

01:04:27 The army exploits, proceeds to fuck the poor

01:06:49 Political ads make YouTube Premium almost worth it

01:13:31 Disney’s most underrated era is the 2000s

Additional Resources:

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“Shooting stuff with OVERPOWERED AIRSOFT SNIPER” by

NOVRITSCH – https://youtu.be/Ofr0E_9wnik

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The Jimmy Dore Show – https://www.youtube.com/user/TYTComedy

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Humanist Report – https://www.youtube.com/user/MikeAnthonyTV

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“Treasure Planet – Disney’s Biggest Mistake” by BREADSWORLD – https://youtu.be/b9sycdSkngA

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