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We got a comment on our old BEST AIRSOFT PISTOLS FOR UNDER $100 video, pointing out that all of the guns in the video are, unfortunately, no longer available at AMS.

So here are a few pistols that are readily available at AMS, and are, of course, under $100.

Thanks a lot YouTube user Lydia Sifa for pointing this out to us. Hope this helps out!

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW if you have any questions about the guns seen here today, or if there are any other videos that you think need an update!

Guns seen in video:
-ASG CZ 75 P-07 DUTY CO2 Blowback http://bit.ly/2Vqavxm
-Elite Force H&K Licensed VP9 CO2 Blowback http://bit.ly/2vTinwY
-WE Tech Bulldog Gas Blowback http://bit.ly/2WPvGKw
-ICS BLE-XAE Gas Blowback http://bit.ly/2VB2k6j

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