User Review: MetalTac Airsoft BBS .20g 10000 Rounds Match Grade BB Pellet, Plastic 0.20 Gram 6m… – MetalTac Airsoft BBS .20g 10000 Rounds Match Grade BB Pellet, Plastic 0.20 Gram 6mm for Airsoft Guns Ammo

MetalTac Airsoft BBS .20g 10000 Rounds Match Grade BB Pellet, Plastic 0.20 Gram 6mm for Airsoft Guns Ammo

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These are the straightest shooting bb’s I have used, no flare off at the end
Dont know much about BBs but I have researched enough to know that cheap BBs and the wrong size and type can jam up your gun very fast. I just bought a airsoft gun for my son that wasnt cheap.
Figured just like a real gun youd want to feed it with the best stuff. So, I found these and havent had any problems yet. I have gone through about 4,000 rounds on using auto and single shots and boy these are really accurate and shoot far.
Definitely will be buying again.
In a 375 FPS AEG these worked great and we’re very accurate. They have a good range too. You cannot go wrong. Definitely a must buy again. The price was exceptionally good too.
Came 2 daus early then exprected date, great product. The bbs feel like good quality and put them in my Full auto G36C airsoft gun and 99% of bbs when in the same exact direction/ line of fire.
Good quality bbs for a good price?! Count me in. I never really buaght from metaltac before but im going to start always buying from them becuase i burn through bbs and these are high quality, cheap price bbs.
Nice quality bbs metaltac!
These are some good quality BBs, I got 20,000 of them, because I normally share and go through them a lot.
I had previously bought some bio-BBs and it ended up jamming my gun a lot, so I cleaned out my guns and bought these instead, they feed properly and my guns havent jammed yet.
As far as Im concerned, thats an A+ in my book.
.2g BBs are the base line gramweight for me, I dont use anything lower than that, for many reasons like: .20-.35 BBs are usually made with better quality than other weights, .12 and .15 arent always the right size (either exactly 6.00MM, or normally around 5.97-5.99MM diameter) and the higher weights have less imperfections, like seams.
These were mildly polished. It might be good to wash or polish them yourself again, just to get any dust off that may have gotten in the bag inbetween being first polished and being sealed.
I have 3 m4s these perform well and are a fair price.
No jams yet they are a sturdy crush style no shatter like some other brands.. i have only used these in cqb so i cant say if they are accurate at range but they are .20g so they arent going all that far at 300fps.
My 3rd time ordering these. Great accuracy and weight seems to work well with any AEGs under 375 fps. Well polished, not many have jammed over about 20,000 BBs over a year.
This is one of the best deals you can get for BBs out there now, especially since shipping is free for this item at the time of this review. Dont worry about the quality of the BBs… they are definitely good enough for your mid to high end airsoft gun.
They even look brighter, whiter, and smoother than most other BBs Ive seen.
However they still arent invincible as I find a very small amount of used BBs with dents or split in half, but the vast majority are still in good…


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