User Review: OneTigris 6" Foldable Half Face Mesh Mask Military Style Comfortable Adjustable Ta… – OneTigris 6″ Foldable Half Face Mesh Mask Military Style Comfortable Adjustable Tactical Lower Face Protective Mask

OneTigris 6″ Foldable Half Face Mesh Mask Military Style Comfortable Adjustable Tactical Lower Face Protective Mask

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Had been going through lower mask options but finding most of what I tried to be less than ideal. A lot of the masks I tried were just to uncomfortable or left something to be desired in terms of protection.
My face is pretty wide, and frankly a lot of the other masks were made for slimmer builds. But finally, with one tigris I found one. I love that it wraps and conforms to my face.
On top of that, because of that conformity, it allows me to cheek my airsoft sniper rifle (Well SR22 [aka MB05] and Well MB02 if you need reference) a lot more naturally.
The front part is mesh and covers a good portion…but the padded cheek sides are not to be underestimated neither. They are pretty thick and will give you all around protection.
In fact, unlike many other basic masks, this one pretty much covers the entirety of the face. Pair it with some goggles, hat or beanie, ear protection, and a Keffiyeh (for the neck) and youre good to go.
If youre looking for a simmunition mask that lets you get a cheek-weld with your rifle, this one works great. I took a simmunition .223 round to the padded area from 15-20 feet away and I didnt even know it until the exercise was over and I saw the round.
Most comfortable simmunition mask Ive tried in 18.5 years. Other team guys have bought them after seeing me use it. Wear sealed goggles though so nothing skips up under your glasses and into your eyes.
It does leave some other areas exposed compared to full-face simmunition-approved protection, but you can add a light balaclava or neck guard to help out.
**googles seperate product** First the only complaints I have is how your ears can feel uncomfortable when wearing this. However if you position the mast that can be quickly remedied.
I had bought a full mesh mash and found it to be unbearably uncomfortable. This however is much, mich better. While you may sweet into the sides a bit, it’s a great trade off for both comfortability, and safety.
I also appreciate how you have the breathablilty and clear way to communicate as you do with mesh masks and how comfortable it is to wear and use a gun as with cloth masks.
It overall comes up with a great compromise in the airsoft world. The camouflage cane out looking great and will look forward to using this in the future.
When you need to tell everyone how much you care about Corona 19, this is one option.
I recently got into airsoft as a side hobby with friends. I bought this mask because the full-face mask that we rented at the field was stuffy and caused me to overheat in the summer weather.
This mask has done a great job so far. Its very light weight and the mesh protects my nose and teeth from being pelted by plastic bbs going 400fps. It is also very low profile and sits well against my face.
Im able to get a decent check-weld on the airsoft rifle while wearing this. Only downsides is the strap and the nose-portion. The strap, when placed…


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