User Review SRC Tan Foam Padded Plastic Airsoft Rifle Gun Case

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SRC Tan Foam Padded Plastic Airsoft Rifle Gun Case

Airsoft – here are all the airsoft guns ı have shown on my youtube channel from the most recent videos to the oldest ones.
ın the event of a headshot the scope overlay in this video has been moved away from target in an effort to avoid upsetting the delicate feelings of airsoft justice warriors around the world but in the unlikely event that any airsoft justice warriors do find reason to be so offended by people enjoying themselves with toy pew pews they they are triggered (reeeeee) and have to leave social justice threats in the comments section of this video their comments will be hidden from the channel. bıggest faıls & wıns of aırsoft 2020.
part 2 of the airsoft of dreams 2-part series – from george air force base in victorville california. big thanks to swamp sniper for the help with the airsoft battle videos.

Great Size for my AR-15 Pistol setup!
Very sturdy case for what you pay. Excellent size for travel. Fits a broken down 18″ AR-15 perfectly. Bear in mind its got a BCM shorty comp and has only 0.125″ before its too long, so your standard 18″ may not fit.
As is theres enough room to fit my P229 in there as well. Its been perfect for checked baggage when flying and for range days when space is limited. Very good affordable case.
very nice case! very well made! case has thicker and better plastic than some gun cases for real guns. it can fit a ruger charger with extra magazines.
it can fit a p90 airsoft gun with extra magazines. has two padlock holes by the latches. outside dimensions 28.25″ x 13.75″ x 5.25″. inside dimensions 27″ x 11.25″ x 4.75″.
inside depth is approximately 4.75″ to 5″ if foam is removed.
Fits a pistol grip pump and accessories perfectly.
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SRC Tan Foam Padded Plastic Airsoft Rifle Gun Case

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