User Review WEAVER Base Top Mount – 92A

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WEAVER Base Top Mount – 92A

Airsoft – here are all the airsoft guns ı have shown on my youtube channel from the most recent videos to the oldest ones.
ın the event of a headshot the scope overlay in this video has been moved away from target in an effort to avoid upsetting the delicate feelings of airsoft justice warriors around the world but in the unlikely event that any airsoft justice warriors do find reason to be so offended by people enjoying themselves with toy pew pews they they are triggered (reeeeee) and have to leave social justice threats in the comments section of this video their comments will be hidden from the channel. bıggest faıls & wıns of aırsoft 2020.
part 2 of the airsoft of dreams 2-part series – from george air force base in victorville california. big thanks to swamp sniper for the help with the airsoft battle videos.

#92A Fits rossi rimfire four hole rounded receiver (is the larger mount shown in the picture). Comes with screws, use some blue loctite. Remember that this is a weaver rail which fits the more commonly bought rifle scopes.
This is not a 3/8″ dovetail which is the standard on air rifles and rimfires. Have yet to sight it in, but there is no reason this should not be a perfectly acceptable rail system.
Finally…. after trying multiple mounts that claim to fit the CONTENDER series, this one seems to be the right choice.
When I bought into the Thompson CONTENDER series back in the 70s, there were 27 different barrel choices, and only a few scope mounts durable for the growing list of cannons that were being drilled.
One of the most sought after, and most weird today, was the .256 Winchester. My two barrels in that caliber are still rocking and the Weaver 92A allows me to put red dots on that screaming cartridge.
The mount doesnt look like much, but it works, is solid, and when you need a platform to mount just about ANYTHING, it gets the job done. Even my 30-30 barrel has yet to throw its scope.
It fit my 22 barrel for my Rossi match pair barrel; however, there seemed to be an allignment problem between the barrel and the scope. I am not sure I know whether it was the gun or the scopes or the mounts, but it definitely had a slope to the zero.
I could only zero it for certain distances and at shorter or longer shots, the shots moved the impact point significantly. After 2 different scopes did the same thing, I just took it off and decided to fiddle with it at some point in the future.
It’s exactly what it says it is. Works splendidly. Would order again if needed, w/o hesitation.
This fits the rossi 20/ 22lr youth combo . Rossi has been out of stock for months !. The Chinese can make it quicker!. But it fits the rifle perfect fit for the mount.
You have to use lock tight,Not optional. It will wiggle loose. The hammer is a good idea for dad, but a kids fingers dont need it. Bottom line get it it fits.
Work great on my Rossi youth .22 break action. This isnt made for my particular model, but it definitely did the trick. Bought the gun years ago ($80 Walmart special).
The rear sight had come off and I decided that a scope mount would be great. Hasnt failed on me in almost a year of shooting regularly.
I bought 2 of these for two rifles. One fit perfectly the other had to be hand fitted. I give it 5 stars because I am more than willing to bet the the mounting holes were not properly located on the rifle and the mount is perfect.
I purchased this rail for my sons Rossi matched pair .22lr barrel. It went on in the pre-drilled holes as it should. No problems with the rail or the included screws.
I mounted a cheap NcStar scope, and it works perfectly. If you happen to be in the market to put optics, cheap or otherwise, on a Rossi; this works as advertised.
Installed this base on an original T/C Contender .357 Magnum bull barrel. Once I removed the iron sights, which required a roll pin punch, the scope base installed without a hitch – perfect fit.
The base is heavy duty, priced right and arrived days before it was scheduled to. Outstanding job by Amazon and Amazons supplier on this order. I intend to buy several more for other barrels I have.
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WEAVER Base Top Mount – 92A

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