Using Airsoft Guns For Film #1: How To Fire Your Gun Without Ammo

In order to use an airsoft gun in a film, you must modify it so that it can “dry fire” (or fire without ammo). Otherwise, you’ll be firing live BBs at your actor and bruising them. (Ironically, most actors are unwilling to be repeatedly bruised when it could be easily avoided.) To do this, you won’t have to actually file down part of the gun, but, rather, use a simple modification to the magazine! (Special thanks to Arnie at for his suggestions that helped us come up with this solution.) We’re using an all-metal miltary KJW M9 (or as the box says, the KJW M9A1) which currently retails for $109 at We’ll cover more ways to make your guns look realistic with both physical modifications and special effects in future videos.


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