WE AWSS SCAR-L Airsoft Rifle Table top Review

http://www.ReplicaAirguns.com – WE AWSS SCAR-L Airsoft Rifle Table top Review.

-6mm plastic BB’s.
-Heavy blowback operation.
-Semi & Full Auto selectable.
-450 fps.
-30 round magazine.
-6.9 pounds.
-11.5 inch barrel.
-Metal and polymer build.
-Purchased privately from @FuzyDicePimp

I am proud to be doing my first Airsoft review and I’m kicking it off with a real winner here. The WE AWSS SCAR-L is an extremely well made Airsoft rifle with absolute realism in almost every way include how it looks and even field strips. The WE SCAR also has some really heavy blowback that gives you a solid thump in the shoulder with each shot and when you engage the selector switch to full auto you really know it!

And when it comes to performance, over 400 fps with .25 gram 6mm Airsoft BB’s is no slouch, when you combine that with 10 shot 2 inch group form 30 feet out I would have to say it is comparable to many of my BB guns in the accuracy department so the WE SCAR would make a not to bad plinker.

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