Western Arms Smith & Wesson Shorty 40 GBB Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

http://www.ReplicaAirguns.com – Western Arms Smith & Wesson Shorty 40 GBB Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review.

-6mm Plastic BB’s.
-Gas Blowback Operation (GBB)
-Semi Auto Single & Double Action.
-260-270 fps.
-20 round magazine.
-1.7 pounds.
-3 inch barrel.
-Metal and polymer build.
-Purchased privately.

This is my 3rd Airsoft review to date and I know some of you are not Airsoft fans but please keep in mind that even if you do not see the value in them, there are many other people that do including myself so let’s all be respectful of everyones opinions please.

I was not a big Airsoft fan, really the main reason I am starting to get into Airsoft is because of the huge selection of new guns that I can potential review and own. There are gaping holes in what is available in standard metal shooting BB gun replicas while literally just about everything exists in an Airsoft version. This is a big plus even if here in Canada I am again limited by what I can import that shoots over 366fps. Another plus to Airsoft guns is that you can shoot them at one another and use them in Tactical and Strategical scenarios! You can not do this with a metal BB shooting Airgun, well I do not recommend it for sure!

Getting back to the Western Arms Smith & Wesson Shorty 40, yes it’s an Airsoft gun and yes it shoots plastic BB’s but at the end of the day it performs just as well as many steel shooting BB guns and for nocking down cans and placing well aimed shots on a target there is really not all that much difference between the two. Let’s face it neither gun is going to stop an intruder or really be useful for pest control. You really need to get a hunting or target Air rifle for that.

So please give Airsoft a chance and try and see the benefits in them. I am finding that they are generally very well built and well performing guns at the end of the day!

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