World's FASTEST Airsoft BBs +MACH 4 – What will they destroy?

We utilized an adapter that is meant to propel crossbow bolts using a powder charge at high velocities (instead of using compressed air). This was proposed to us by Joerg Sprave of the Slingshot Channel- since he could not legally make this in Germany. He and I have also wanted to do some sort of collaboration for quite some time. The barrel of this has a 6mm ID and Danny discovered an airsoft bb would fit perfectly inside. He created a bunch of .38 loads using various amounts of powder. Not TOO bad for just screwing around huh? I think with further enhancement we could hit hypersonic speeds (+Mach 5)

Yes, aluminum airsoft bb’s are a real thing. They are no more dangerous than plastic bb’s in reality. (do a YT search) We were not sure if plastic bb’s would hold up to the blast and we wanted a heavier bb. But we did test one .20 gram plastic bb in this test too.

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