ZOMBIE Roleplay event | Airsoft Zombie Apocalypse | Swamp Sniper

Zombie role-play survival airsoft event at Ballahack with Swamp Sniper. Enjoy Part 7 of zombies.

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I wish Call of Duty Modern Warfare had a zombie mode, but this is better. It’s terrifying fighting hundreds of zombies with Airsoft guns even though they can’t really kill you. Z at Ballahack is the largest Airsoft zombie apocalypse in the World and is powered by Elite Force Airsoft. This event is in line with the other events we create at Ballahack keeping it all about having a fun experience and making awesome memories. The playing Airsoft part is just a plus.

Elite Force Guns – https://www.ballahackoutdoor.com/search/elite+force/

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►WATCH CHAPTER ONE HERE – https://youtu.be/UnmbysdIiR4
►WATCH CHAPTER TWO HERE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul62Dq_qOzg&feature=youtu.be
►WATCH CHAPTER THREE HERE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCV8qSrDx-k

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GUNS and GEAR I’m running
► Striker Sniper Rifle – https://www.ballahackoutdoor.com/ares-amoeba-striker-sniper-rifle.html
► GLOCK 17 – https://www.ballahackoutdoor.com/elite-force-glock-19-gen-4-gbb.html
► EYE PROTECTION – https://www.ballahackoutdoor.com/valken-valken-zulu-goggles.html
► JACKET – https://www.ballahackoutdoor.com/fjaellraeven-keb-jacket.html
► PANTS – https://www.ballahackoutdoor.com/fjaellraeven-keb-trousers.html
► SHOES – https://www.ballahackoutdoor.com/salomon-xa-pro-3d.html

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HUGE THANKS for watching and making cool events like this possible. Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

If you’re still reading this comment “Swamp Sniper got BIT” in the comments.

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