Airsoft gun converted to real gun

Many people have seen the video where the ATF claims that airsoft guns can be converted to military grade machine guns. I’m here to show you that you can with very simple steps just like the ATF said you could! ….BTW if you couldnt figure it out by watching this or you’re just one of those people who reads the title and comments without watching, this is a huge joke, don’t try to do this. Trying to actually convert an airsoft gun into a real firearm will most likely result in you hurting yourself trying to do the impossible. Airsoft guns CAN NOT BE TURNED INTO MACHINE GUNS!!!! If you post an angry comment saying im trying to ruin airsoft or the second amendment, well you must not have fully watched the video or read this because at one point i say rubbing the gun with chapstick is necessary step to making it a machine gun. The guns i shoot were legally purchased and were at no point airsoft guns. The list of guns i shoot are as follows for those interested: AR15= Stag model 8, AK47= WASR-10, G3= HK91, Beretta M9 (not 92fs, M9 pretty much the same thing but different name :p). NO LAWS WERE BROKEN IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO. DO NOT ATTEMPT BUILDING A FIREARM WITHOUT PROPER KNOWLEDGE OF LOCAL, STATE, AND FEDERAL LAWS AS WELL AS KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING! THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO. THIS IS A JOKE VIDEO THAT SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED EVER! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYONE WHO INJURES THEMSELVES TRYING TO BREAK THE LAW!


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