Airsoft… The most realistic video game ever

In this gameplay video from 2019 we jump into my perspective at Kill House airsoft in Leeds. Kill House is a tiny CQB site with incredibly tight corners, short, narrow corridors and lots of murder holes and angles of fire. It’s a great little site with plenty of potential to unleash the #CQBEAST

I was running the ICS BLE XAE with a Dytac tracer unit. My CXP15K felt way to long for this environment. – that being said someone rocked up with an SR25 half way through the day. Different strokes for different blokes I guess…

Welcome to “Magaz” the youtube home of UK ICS Captain Magaz.

Every week I aim to bring you intense airsoft action, news, tech tips, reviews and misadventures, following my own gameplay and that of my team members and fellow ICS Captains.

Videos might go live every Tuesday at 15:00.
Sometimes other times too… Mostly just Tuesday… But sometimes I get over excited and have to release something straight away, or something cool happens… If that happens… There’ll be a video. If it doesn’t. Then… Tuesday. Mostly. Unless I suck that week. Then I’m sorry.

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