Body Cam Shows Police Search Home Over BB Gun in Virtual Class

A Rosedale family is moving forward with a lawsuit against Baltimore County Public Schools after police were called to search their home following a virtual class in June. The family says they want to know why police were called to search the bedroom of a fifth grader. But, they tell Project Baltimore, County Schools is not cooperating.

Project Baltimore has now obtained the 911 call and police body camera video that started it all. Courtney Lancaster, the mother of the fifth grader, calls it the most unbelievable day of her life as she listens to a recording of the 911 call.

β€œMy name is Jason Feiler. I’m the principal at Seneca Elementary School. Today, during one of our online meetings there was a student, who we could see there were weapons in the background, possibly real weapons. It looked like a shotgun or a rifle in the background.” The principal continued, β€œIt could be fake. You can tell Nerf guns and things like that. It definitely did not have that look to it.” He went on to say in the call, “We still have to follow whatever rules we would have in the building.”

Shortly after the 911 call, police responded to Lancaster’s home to search her son’s bedroom for weapons. The police body camera footage, obtained by Fox45, shows as soon as the officer enters the boy’s bedroom, he immediately realizes the guns, hanging on a pegboard, were not firearms, they were BB guns and toys.

β€œMa’am, I definitely apologize for bothering you,” said the officer while inside the boy’s room. β€œI had more than you when I was a kid.”

β€œIt was, it was surreal,” Lancaster told Project Baltimore. β€œWhen the officers responded, I couldn’t even fully react until they left because I was just in such disbelief.”

Plus, 14-Year-Old Shot and Killed in Northeast Baltimore, and Baltimore Crime Holds Women Hostage in own Home

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04:15 14-Year-Old Shot and Killed
06:36 Women Hostage in own Home

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