BREAKING NEWS Airsoft News.. Mass Shooting 20 Of Our Guys Shot At Airsoft Game.Next game soon!

This video is not for commercial use.
It’s just a game! Mark was asked to cover few airsoft games on his show when all hell broke loose. The show this video aired on is also not used for any commercial use at all from anyone at any time. You do not have our permission to use it for that reason, Do you listen to Main Stream Media? Are you being lied to from the local media? Are they simply playing the roll in a world wide promotional money making seam? We hope this video demonstrates how the media controls the public with Haed Lines that miss lead you into thinking something else. No one in this video were harmed much more than a small bee sting. So yes over 20 were shot in this air soft battle but no one was harmed! We will be showing more videos that demonstrate the same and have a much more of an impact on our lives as a whole in this crazy world of internet advertising and media control. We would also like to thank Youtube for the free the home to share and voice our opinions on the world wide net This video is not used for any commercial use of any kind. It is simply entertainment and viewed by many people from around the world as their only way to see the rest of the world. It is some of our televisions. Thanks for viewing


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