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Right then you Orrible lot this week a bonus video,with news and updates about the channel my recovery progress as well as a few teasers for upcoming content and features with the channel

I know the channels only small but it means alot to me to see the same people pop up in the comments section month after month and a big part of this video was to say thank you to you the subscriber for staying with the channel over this rather difficult time.and to keep you guys up to date with whats going on and give you guys the chance to put some input into whats actually produced here at Burntwolf airsoft.

With my injury,Iv had 3 OP’s now and its been over 18 weeks since the accident and over 10 weeks since my last op,its all held together with wire now and im healed enough to be allowed out without the brace.

But i carnt play airsoft untill iv been given the all clear for impact sports,Dont worry THE CHANNEL ISNT GOING ANY WHERE 🙂
iv made tons of videos while iv been down and done alot of networking.theres also about 10 videos half mad and not including them enuff footage to last untill june 2018

Over the next few months iv really got my work cut out focousing on my recovery and sorting out loads of things for the channel a new PC’s been built and websites on the cards trying to up the quality of my content and what we here at burntwolf airsoft have to offer our viewers

As always thank you for watching and stay tuned for more updates

And if youve got a spare moment check us out on a few of our other sites we can be found all over the bloody place.None of them are spam odd pic and video maybe once a week or so



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