Consumer Review: Maddog Sports Pro Padded Chest Protector

Maddog Sports Pro Padded Chest Protector – Maddog Sports Pro Padded Chest Protector

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My son has a chest port in his chest. In order for him to continue sports we had to find away to protect the port and his entire chest area. This padded chest protector not only protected this area but also his kidneys and stomach area..
This shirt is awesome for airsoft. My 11yr old uses it and it keeps his core from any impacts. It also fits me and I can say the fit is quite comfy for a bulky shirt, definitely hot for cqb.
Can’t say I liked or didn’t like it. Nobody seems to make anything small enough for my kid. But I assume it’s good. They were great about the refund.
I bought the youth size, after taking measurements, and it fit great. The fabric is flexible and comfortable, and allows you to move freely in the battlefield.
The padding works great too! Our fields limit the Paintball markers to 285 FPS, and the pads protected me from the pain of being hit. It even caused most of the balls to not break, meaning I was still in!
I use this when riding my Onewheel. The S/M is almost too big even at 6′, 180 lbs.
These run big. I’m 5’8”, 170 pounds and the youth size fits, albeit snug. I’m wearing for ice hockey, light contact, but I got hit w a puck recently and was looking for light protection.
This looks like it will do the trick. Will edit the review after my next game.
Just got this in. Just what I was looking for. Hopefully will last. I am 72″ and about 178 lbs, in very good shape . I got the S/M and it is really a little too big, over a t-shirt.
I use this padded shirt for non contact adult over 40 ice hockey. Sometimes there is some “accidental” body contact – other times you can get wacked with a hockey stick or take a shot from the puck.
This shirt provides enough protection to deflect from those impacts in such a way that somewhat minimizes the damage to your body. This is a good alternative to shoulder pads in my opinion (if you are playing in a non-contact league).
Its easy to move around in & doesnt negatively effect your range of motion like shoulder pads do.
We ordered youth and it fits really well for Having glass built in. Material does not feel cheap and for the price compared to other padded shirts in this category, it has a lot of coverage
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