Consumer Review: Sightmark Wolverine CSR Red Dot Sight

Sightmark Wolverine CSR Red Dot Sight – Sightmark Wolverine CSR Red Dot Sight

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I like a few other people received the old version without their QD attachment. I know the people of sightmark of pretty good about fixing stuff so I guess I could send it in.
But Im really not in the mood to take it off my gun now at this point. Ill just shoot it the way it is its all good. But Amazon needs to get their crap together.
Seems like every 10 items I order from Amazon at least two of them are problematic and I have to send back or its the wrong order.
This is a fantastic sight! It is well worth the money. Im using it in tandem with my backup iron sights and it co witnesses perfectly with the riser equipped.
I love that it takes a AA battery, for convenience. I honestly dont think youll find a better red dot for the money. It easily holds its own against more expensive options.
Very well made. I wouldnt hesitate to buy again.
Just got mine and threw it on my ar. It has a nice look and can see my iron sights perfectly through it. The red dot is only a 1/4 inch to the left of the front sight post so it should hit paper when sighting it in.
Im currently testing the battery usage time and so far it has been on for over 50 hours and has not dimmed at all. I will update every few months until the battery dies and can have a true battery life on the red dot.
Overall I am very happy with it and saw an online video of a guy beating it after he zeroes it and afterwards it held zero. The great thing also is this takes a double a battery which is a very common battery and I would think it would be easy to find if shtf.
Received my Sightmark Wolverine CSR last night and Im extremely impressed. Range time will tell for sure, but so far it looks like a bargain for only $129 delivered to my door.
Ive owned or used almost every model of Aimpoint, EOTech, and ACOG at some point in time, as well as several of the popular $99-$399 “budget” red dot/prism/reflex sights from Primary Arms, Holosun, Burris, and Vortex, and this one blows away the rest of the “budget” competition.
If you slapped a Burris or Vortex sticker on this sight, people would pay $300 for it all day long, and then come here to brag about what a good deal they got.
Initial observations:  Sight comes in a high quality heavy weight cardboard box with full color printing and matte finish that clearly looks like it was designed and printed in the US – just as fancy as anything from Aimpoint or Trijicon.
Not the usual flimsy paper thin box with glossy finish and broken English that youre used to budget red dots arriving in. The inside is padded with static free high density foam, with a cutout for the sight and accessories.
Once again, the owners manual is of the same quality you would expect from the American or European manufacturers.
Also included with the sight is a picatinny mount with riser and 2 sets of screws, allen wrench, cleaning cloth, really nice bikini cover, and Energizer ultimate lithium battery.
Likes:  Sight appears to be high quality and heavy duty. Completely sealed, nitrogen purged, fogproof, waterproof. Well built, fit and finish is excellent, all the machining and threading is flawless and free of tool marks.
The rubber armor and retention lanyards on the caps is a nice touch. Glass is clear and I love how it doesnt have the blueish or orangish tint that most other budget sights have.
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