Destroying 4,578 guns 💥

NEWS — People are always asking what happens to the stuff police seize in their raids aimed at pinning back gangsters, narcos and mobsters. Here’s one answer for you. The Mob Reporter here with a peek at 4,578 crime guns being destroyed, one at a time.
It’s something of a tradition in many Central and South American countries, police gather up all the guns police have stockpiled after seizures and destroy them — with some fanfare. Some police forces drop them into an industrial blast furnace; others run them over with a steamroller. Or a tank. Or just simply sawing or hammering.
In Panama, they build a whole ceremony around it. The most recent one took place this week. Officers arrange them in nice neat rows, all tallied and cataloged. Some look like antiques, others are modern. One by one they are brought to a workshop table and cut with an oxy-acetylene torch. It seems a bit laborious, to be honest, but they seem to like it. Politicians and police officials often get in on the act, posing for photos. In Panama and other countries, including El Salvador, Chile and Mexico, they’ve been doing it for years, often several times a year.
Panama also regularly burns the OTHER stuff it seizes, by the way. It’s a remarkable process I document in a video you can watch here:
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Views of the Panama Canal are courtesy the Panama Canal authority.
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