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Here are the outtakes from my gameplay on 3/14/2020. I intentionally did not mention the name of the new guy. The takeaway from this video should be to not be like this guy. I have nothing against new people joining this awesome sport. In fact, I encourage it. I have something against someone who bought their first gun at a sporting goods store less than 2 weeks prior telling me how to play and kissing my butt, telling me that he’ll sacrifice himself for me like it’s a Hollywood drama. Again. I intentionally did not mention his name. I encourage him to come play again, but to leave his advice at home.

As of now, my field has cancelled upcoming events through April due to the spread of COVID-19. I still have videos that I will be getting out to you in the meantime. The weekly upload pace WILL NOT CHANGE. You can expect next week’s video to be a camouflage tutorial where I explain how I painted my gun, helmet, pistol, and holster. I will continue to upload every Tuesday.

My gear:
Rifle: G&G CM16 Raider L
Pistol: Sig Sauer SP2022 CO2
Camera: GoPro Hero 8

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Thanks to my sister for putting up with my shenanigans and helping me make this video!


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