"Ghost Recon" Airsoft, Lancaster Fly-by & an MP5 airsoft gun! Airsoft filmsim gameplay

Eversley Filmsim – 21st of July 2019 / GUNMAN Airsoft

This is the second half of the Ghost Recon Filmsim at Gunman Eversley, as the Venezuelan Cartel our objective for this game is to meet our Russian contacts at locations which are only disclosed minutes before their arrival. Once in their position we must defend them whilst they are there for several minutes but also take the shipment of weapons back to our base of operations (Viking), this game made for some fantastic injections of fast paced combat to the day.

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Music By:

Determination 2 – CBS Sports

Brit Rock Invasion – Bruton Music

Broadcast News 1 – Cavendish Music

Art Rock 90s – Bruton Music

Electric Alchemy – Firstcom

Suspense – Chappell Recorded Music Library

War – De Wolfe Music

Powersports – Bruton Music


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