#FORTNITE #SOLOS #VICTORYROYALE Thanks for watching your support is greatly appreciated! Epic-FSG YT or FIVESEVENGAMESYT Donations-https://streamlabs.com/amgyt2 Discord-https://discord.gg/c5hXNR Do- 1.Be positive 2.Have fun 3.Talk with one another 4.Participate in games Don’t- 1.Curse or be negative towards me or any of my subscribers 2.Have a offensive name not cool 3.ask for gifts( I do giveaways from time to time) 4.Ask to 1V1, If you are better, you probably are Congrats, I Concede, you win chase clout somewhere else! 5.Stream Snipe (positive or negative) Moderators-in order become mod you need to: 1.Stay active, Earn FSG coins ( There is no magic number of coins that gets you mod) 2.Regulate the chat, if you see something say/do something. Welcome the new viewers and tell them to like up the video. 3.Most Importantly, Keep it positive, mods should be above all of the non sense. 4.DON’T ASK to be a Mod, It can only be earned, not given. If you would like to join race or what not leave a comment below and your gamer tag and ill add you maybe you can be in the next video!


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