M16 Vs AK-47 Rifle Full Comparison in Hindi | AK47 Vs M16 Rifle Which one is Better?

M16 Vs Ak-47 Rifle Full Comparison in hindi | Ak47 Vs M16 Rifle Which One is Better | Defence Gyan | Defence News India
In this Video We did Comparison of World Two Iconic Rifle M16 Vs Ak47 Both Rifle Are Used by Several Countries around the World M16 was Developed by USA while Ak-47 Was developed by USSR and We told About Weight,Length, Cartridge Caliber and Effective Range and Price of M16 Rifle and AK-47 Rifle and we Also Told about Range Accuracy Durability Reliability of MY and Ak47 Rifle and M16 and Ak47 Rifle used in various Games Likes Freefire Pubg And Call of Duty
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