Miami Airsoft – 2/23/2021 ( New DSG & THOR )

Hello everyone, thank you for continuing to watch my videos. Soon I will have a new view on playing airsoft. I am buying a 360 camera to give a third person view on me running around between kills and hits. This will be something different and I know some airsofters already feature this but I know of only one in Miami Airsoft and he is taking a break from airsoft for some time. Remember to enjoy what you do and to make the day about your fun and happiness no one else. This day was extremely fun and I met some people I have not seen in a long time. I have good news that I may one day in the future be seen playing at Miami Airsoft during weekends! Anyways please leave a like for the video and subscribe if you want to have more give aways. I think I will do a built gearbox for the 200 mark. Also looking to do a combined give away with The Real Deal Airsoft a amazing player and member of the Airsoft Pro League. I hope you are all doing good during this pandemic. Till I see you on the field this is Jake from Sky Fall Airsoft Team saying LATER! – Also check out my website for any information or guns I currently have for sale DZAPSFAT.COM .


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