Net Gun (Multi-functional Airsoft Net Gun)

Size small, lightweight , designed for quick-release by belt click and shoulder strap, powered by 12g of CO2 gas bottle and easy operation, very convenient for immediate use in emergency, and suitable to catch human, animal non-lethally.

Net and heel rope can be recycled and reinstalled, made of HDPE, tied target tight and intertwine uneasy. It is very convenient to re-collect for re-use.

The net composes of 8 aluminun ally balls and unrolls up to 9 ㎡ (3 m x 3 m) with mesh of 15 cm.

When launching , the net projects up to 10m/sec and to effective range above 10 m.

The heel rope composes of 8 aluminun alloy balls on top of rope of 3 meters long. Projection velocity reaches 15 m/sec and effective range up to 15 m. Ex. When the heel rope shoots toward target , one aluminum alloy ball twisting the target bring forth other 7 aluminum ally balls involved to further tying.


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