Part 2: Ordering the first novritsch AEG assault SSR15 airsoft rifle

I’m ordering the Novritsch aeg the ssr15. I will take you step by step in this process. Novritsch is releasing a aeg Airsoft gun / assault rifle in the nearby future named SSR15. I have claimed a spot to the first batch of this airsoft gun and I will order it for you guys to see how this works out. this is part 1 of the video series of pre ordering this gun, and I will take you all the way to the end when I can actually play it and test it for you to see!! if you don’t want to miss any updates or news about the aeg airsoft gun by Novritsch feel free to subscribe so you get to see it all!
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video about the ssr15 prototype on YouTube:

Pre order on website novrtisch:

Disclaimer, all the footage of the ssr15 is made by novritsch, this is just for fun and to give you some information about me and me ordering the ssr15 aeg in the future. I am deffinetly not a sponsored player or get paid by any means. I just have trust is this company and I am a huge fan of novritsch


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