Peers Speaking Up Leads to Two Airsoft Gun Busts at ECISD Schools

It has happened twice this week. Students at two Odessa schools were busted with airsoft guns. Both were caught when one of their peers spoke up.

“You’re looking at possibly in school suspension, out of school suspension, placement at the alternative center, depending on the circumstances. Those are all a big deal,” ECISD Spokesman, Mike Adkins, said.

That’s the punishment for students who bring airsoft guns on campus.

On Tuesday, a Permian High School student found himself hot water for bringing not one, but two, airsoft guns and pellets. At first, officers thought the student had real guns on him.

On Wednesday, it happened again, this time at Blackshear Elementary, where a 6th grader had an airsoft gun.

“[It was an] airsoft gun, not a dangerous weapon. There wasn’t any threat to the safety of the school,” Adkins explained.

He said this may not have been such a big deal a few years ago, but with recent events, it is.

“There have been too many incidents of school violence which really bring even these types of incidents to the forefront,” he said.

ECISD says in both situations, parents were notified of the situation.

“We don’t want rumors to really blow the thing out of proportion, so we make sure we make a call. We usually get that out on social media, whether it’s Twitter or Facebook,” he said.

Adkins thinks more students have been busted because other students are speaking up.

“We talk alot to students about, ‘if you see something, please report it,'” he said. “Kids are very aware of it, and they’re weary of it too, so they report it. We’re seeing a lot more of it reported now and that’s a good thing.”

Adkins also told NewsWest 9, when things like this happens it’s a good time to remind parents to be more mindful of what you child could be putting in their backpack.


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