Portland PD & Feds make many arrests of Zombie ANTIFA clowns – A lot of Tear Gas fired by Cyber-guns

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BLM & ANTIFA Have been Rioting in America Daily.
The MSM Refuse to even talk about this fact due to being controlled.
There are also some politicians who are completely on the Rioters side. Despite them destroying their own Town or City.

Tucker Carlson exposed a lot of Biden Gaffes

ANTIFA gets owned again, ANTIFA gets owned like they did at sturgis.

America 2020 Has been a long protest. Many of the Protesters are just out there for clout on Instagram etc.
It has become the only thing you are allowed to do.
Government closes down religious gatherings but allow people to protest freely.

What sort of logic is being applied here?

All of this seems very bizarre, We live in an age where merely last year seemed a lot more honest and truthful than it does in late 2020.

It would be good if people could overcome the MSM are realize that the only reason the MSM is doing this is for views

The songs used in the videos were firstly the songs i made, But after listening to some of the songs in the YouTube Music Library, I stopped and started using them, There are some incredible musicians in there.

WWE Raw highlights the ANTIFA Group, Which is bizarre.

Trump supporters are in massive numbers while Joe Biden struggles to pull anyone to his events, maybe because of all his gaffes and mistakes when he is giving a speech.


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