RAYSUN T-3 Multifunctional Airsoft Baton (Tonfa)

RAYSUN T-3 Multifunctional Airsoft Baton (Tonfa)
Construct of reinforced aluminum alloy with glass fiber housing for extreme durability. The versatility and dexterity of holding Tonfa in many ways makes tonfa one of the top 18 Chinese weapons.
Propelled by Co2 gas to fire non-lethal balls at speed up to 335FPS (around 110m per second).
The user can fire various types of balls to meet different purpose or just make huge sound to intimidate target if no ball is installed.
The most effective non-ammunition device as defense and offense to serve mid-range protection. Features of easy carrying, maintaining and storage makes T-3 an ideal tool for patrol, anti-riot, dispersal and sentry duty.
With 1913 picatinny rail to use with tactical flashlight, recording device and IR laser aimer.


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