Remote Control Tactical Pig Target How To Set Up : Elite Force Airsoft

The Gnat Warfare Tactical Airsoft radio controlled RC pig features a laser-cut foam wild hog target to provide a unique target practice experience with a moving target. Aggressive off-road tires and a 4×4 RC suspension can handle gravel and dirt with ease. Hobby-grade 7.2v NiMh battery and trickle charger included. And batteries for the remote also included. Includes a 2.4Ghz radio for reliable, extended-range control. Ready to Run out of the package.

The most fun training target for airsoft applications is the RC Pig. Some of nick-named it Kevin Bacon. This remote-controlled 4×4 pig target gives you a backyard application for honing those hunting skills during the offseason or those tactical skills during all seasons. Challenging and fun for both the remote operator and the trigger man.

Get your own 4×4 RC Pig tactical moving airsoft target here:



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