Suicidal man with an airsoft rifle attacks deputy

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Body camera video from a 9-1-1 check in Edgewater on Friday, Dec. 4.

From Sheriff Mike Chitwood:

This is how fast things can take a turn for the worse. Watching this deputy’s video, I believe it’s clear the subject of this call was contemplating suicide by cop. Everyone knows I’ve been an outspoken proponent of de-escalation and getting mental health treatment to those who need it. But in a sudden confrontation like this, survival comes first.

This deputy was able to wrestle and toss away a rifle that turned out to be an airsoft gun. He had no way of knowing what else this young man might be carrying. I’m just thankful this ended safely, that this deputy went home to his family, and that the defendant is in custody facing the charges he deserves, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting with violence.


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