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I hope you enjoy the BB Guide and the rest of this weeks episode as its something new for South African Airsoft.Lets get this video to 20 Likes ! Please comment with your Airsoft Questions to get props and to have it answered within the show.

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The BB Guide
Written by: Tripwire (For Airsoftshowoffs)

Date: 30 March 2012

Let’s talk about one of the simple items we all use in Airsoft, namely the BB. This is an item that has allotted of effect on your accuracy, range, visibility and more.

BB Weights

BB weight is measured in grams. According to allot of factors you might want to match your BB choice up with the FPS range below (FPS of a Gun is measured with .2G BBs to set a common chrono baseline). Heavier BBs require more FPS in order to maintain your Range.

200-350 Feet Per Second [.20 G BB] – In General these are perfect BBs for Pistols and suits AEG/GBB. 350-400 FPS [.25 G] – Recommended AEG/GBB BB weight for extended accuracy at range. 380-410 FPS [.28 G] – Recommended AEG/GBB BB weight for long range accuracy or windy days. 410-500 FPS [.30 G] – This is the Sniper rifle zone thus Heavier BBs. Note DMR can also use this for up to 450FPS. 500+ [.40 G]

The heavier the BB is that you are shooting , the less the FPS will be. This is just a item to remember when using a Chrono.

Note: I did not mention .12 gram BBs, these are normally very bad for your Gun, stay away from using them.

What factors in to your BB choice?

Basically, the Heavier the BB the more accurate the shot will be, at a greater distance. Added elements like wind would have less effect on a heavier bb.

Are you playing CQB or Field?

In CQB the rule of thumb is .2G BBs. The simple reason is that you are probably shooting up to a max of 350 FPS in CQB, you are very close to your target and you have no wind to try and compensate for.

BB Colors

BBs come in lots of colors the most common being white. Some other colors are:

Black & Green: These are used for snipers or most single shot players to hide their position in the field as its difficult to spot. The only problem with using these are that you must set your gun sights and hopup with white same weight BBs for the day before using the color ones. This is because you won`t easily see where you shooting either.

BB Tracers / Glow in the Dark

These bbs are used for night games. They enable you to spot where you are shooting usually by the aid of a tracer unit on your gun that lights up the bb (thus making it glow) when shot.

A wide variety of colors are available, to enable you to see your own shots.

BB materials/compounds

The higher the quality BB, the better the performance you can expect from your shots. Good materials, closer to Spherical and how polished they are factors. This is one of the non-intrusive ways to get massive improvement in shots and gun performance.

Bad quality bbs can harm your gun and also splinter thus being a hazard for players that use mesh for protection.

Usually plastic but you do find biodegradable bbs. These are a very good option also.

BBs filled with paint

These are available but not really used in Airsoft. The idea is to mark your target just like paintball. Usage in strongly powered guns isn`t advised as you may cause issues with your gun internals.
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