The PC Gaming Weekspot: Outer Wilds DLC! Insurmountable Review! Skate City Review!

This week, we chat about the Outer Wilds DLC Echoes Of The Eye rumours, we discuss Microsoft’s plan to increase developers’ share of revenue of games sold on the Microsoft Store, and we’ve also got an Insurmountable review for you, and a Skate City review too. The PC Gaming Weekspot is the only video games video podcast you need in your life if you’re looking for some lovely PC gaming news and some wonderful PC gameplay. It’s time for your recap of the last seven days in PC video gaming.

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I don’t need to remind you how good Outer Wilds was. Two years ago, everyone was raving about the 22-minute time loop. The most incredible video games website in the world even declared it the bestest best game of the year. So, of course, Headlines & Hot Takes is full of chat on what exactly the rumoured Outer Wilds DLC might turn out to be. Who knows? This could all turn out to be Outer Wilds 2 proper… it could also turn out to be nothing. If Outer Wilds Echoes Of The Eye is happening, it’s fair to say that anything we can dream up will pale in comparison to what the big brains at Mobius Digital make. As well as that, we chat about Microsoft’s aim to make Halo Infinite PC a premier experience with Halo Infinite crossplay and cross progressio, and we discuss their plans to give developers a larger take of games sold on the Microsoft Store. And Tech Corner obviously focuses on Sega’s choice to get into the NFT game.

Insurmountable isn’t an indie Death Stranding. But, as you’ll hear during Show and Tell, Matthew thinks this flavour of mountain climbing is a hoot, too. So, check out his Insurmountable review and Insurmountable gameplay. Also, in the past week, my co-host found some time to check out android interrogation game Silicon Dreams. As you can see and hear in Matthew’s Silicon Dreams gameplay and Silicon Dreams review, this is a pretty cool game. This week, Colm’s offering for the S & T table is the new OlliOlli-ish skateboarding game Skate City. So, have a watch of some chill Skate City gameplay and check out his Skate City review.

This week’s Mystery Steam Reviews is the very wishy-washy theme of games that are spiritual successors. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag to answer your Burning Questions on the next James Bond, hats, and games we regret never finishing.

0:00 Intro
2:11 Information Snacks For Your News Gob
12:45 Outer Wilds DLC rumours and speculation
24:54 Halo Infinite crossplay and cross-progression between PC and Xbox
32:37 Microsoft Store 88/11 split between developers and Microsoft
38:28 Sega are getting into the NFT business for some reason
40:17 Insurmountable gameplay and review
55:23 Skate City gameplay and review
1:04:29 Silicon Dreams gameplay and review
1:14:05 Mystery Steam Reviews
1:36:22 Burning Questions

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