Toy Gun Control | 12yo suspended from school for having BB gun in online class

12-year-old Isaiah Elliot received a five-day suspension from school for “waving” an airsoft toy gun during a virtual class. His teacher (who was aware that the gun was in fact a toy) instantly alerted the school principal, who suspended the seventh-grade student and then took the additional step of contacting the police to conduct a “welfare check” on the family.

According to Isaiah’s mother, her son suffers from ADHD and has trouble concentrating in class. Furthermore, she disputes the school’s teacher’s claim that her son was “waving” the gun at his web camera, saying that in reality all he did was move it from one side of his computer to the other. She said that the police’s arrival to her home was especially traumatizing for Isaiah and they’re searching for a new school to enroll him in.

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