UK Airsoft Nottingham | Wentworth Sporting Supplies | AATV EP066

We went along to the opening day of UK Airsoft’s new Nottingham shop. This is the first Airsoft retail store in Nottingham and is a great addition for local players. There are plans to further develop the offer and facilities and we’ll keep you informed of the developments. UK Airsoft are part of the Skirmish Nottingham and Skirmish The Stan family.

UK Airsoft is a shop inside Wentworth Sporting Supplies which is a Firearm and Airgun shop as well as a Shooting Club and range. It was fascinating to see the range of products they have to offer and have a look at some real firearms.

I can’t post a direct link to Wentworth due to Youtube restrictions so have a search for Wentworth Sporting Supplies on Google!

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