Uses, dangers of airsoft guns

BEAUMONT – By Megan Dillard – Police officers carry guns. It’s an age-old practice that dates back to the days of the sheriff in the wild west. Guns remain in the spotlight both as a hobby for some and a crime-scene weapon for others. Beaumont police are taking aim with the weapons. KFDM examines how BPD uses the weapons for training and also, how the department is handling an increase in calls involving airsoft weapons. Point.; aim; shoot. Three fundamentals of using a weapon every gun owner would understand. But these weapons are different. They use gas instead of gunpowder. They can help officers training for the day they have to use their real gun. You can actually develop some very good skills with this airsoft weapon from a marksmanship perspective. Beaumont Police Officers use these weapons as training tools in addition to the guns they carry every day. When you pull the trigger of an airsoft gun, gas stored in a magazine ejects the round instead of the traditional gunpowder explosion. Though the mechanics are different, you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart. We do get calls because these weapons do like real weapons. If seen from a distance, or seen at night, they look very similar. Take a look here at this gun. This is a real firearm that a BPD officer would use out on the street, whereas this is a simunition and this is an airsoft gun. You can see the similarities and how someone might be confused if they see the two out on the street. This is a real bullet, this is a simunition bullet, and if you take a look at the pellets here, these rounds in this bucket, and take a look at the cost, you can see why that is one of the reasons why officers use that to supplement their firearm training. You’re looking at ten thousand rounds of ammunition if you will, for about $15. That same amount of money would buy only about 50 rounds of real ammo. And there’s another reason officers target this type of training. Us feeling that pain allows us in training to push through it so we can push through it in a deadly force encounter. A wound that will heal and leave behind a small scar on officers who carry with them a large responsibility; the possibility of a life or death decision every day on the streets. Officers encourage you to practice the same safety and storage measures with airsoft guns as you would real firearms.


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