2 Pro Snipers vs 50 Noobs (WHO WINS?)

Airsoft ghillie sniper Kicking Mustang teams up with British Army Veteran Names Nicco and deploy a ninja grappling hook to infiltrate an enemy held castle in Belgium. Faced with 50 enemy players the odds are stacked against them…

The ghillie suit is the KMCS (Kicking Mustang Concealment System) with concamo camouflage. He is using a custom VSR made with Maple Leaf & Springer Custom Works from Skirmshop in Holland. He is teamed with @Names Nicco a former British Army rifleman.

Check out Nicco’s perspective: https://youtu.be/dYoEPUy5QOs

▶ Custom VSR: https://bit.ly/2waMO5c
▶ Olight PL-Pro Torch: https://bit.ly/2I2FGuj
▶ KMCS Ghillie Suit: https://bit.ly/398jMS9

⏺ Facebook: https://goo.gl/VR4bDg
⏺ Instagram: Kickingmustang
⏺ Twitter: Kickingmustang

⏺ @Names Nicco
⏺ Sniper Ops Group (Answer questions to join): https://goo.gl/EGYsem

About Kicking Mustang:
Welcome to my YouTube channel where I share my sneaky airsoft gameplay, ghillie suit crafting, Marui MK23 socom action and tech. I also show cheaters in my scopecam.
Kicking Mustang’s cameras: Runcam 2, Gopro Hero Session, Insta360 One X.


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