$550 Toy Blaster? | Novritsch SSR-15 Gameplay + Review | Swamp Sniper

Is it worth the price? Swamp Sniper, owner of Ballahack Airsoft Field gives you gameplay and a review of the Novritsch SSR-15 Airsoft AEG M4.
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SSR15 Electric Assault Rifle


The SSR15 is your best companion in any Airsoft Game! Whether you are playing a long outdoor milsim or attending a fast paced CQB match – this rifle is always going to shine with its outstanding performance.
Its rigid aluminum construction, incredibly fast trigger response and the highly accurate shots will give you the unfair advantage on the field.

The SSR15 features:

Programmable Electronic Trigger Unit (Gate Titan)
1.5J / 400 fps at 25 rounds per second with high speed gears (16:1) with 11.1V
Highly accurate due to rotary chamber and Maple Leaf Hopup
Lots of battery space in the PTS stock
Modern grip design by PTS
Reliable feeding + full mag indicator with PTS magazine (150 bbs)
Lightweight and strong. Full aluminum construction
Fast trigger response with high torque neodymium magnet motor
Ambidextrous controls and QD sling points
Comes in a hardshell guncase
Orange tip installed, black CNC steel muzzle break included
Final assembly and QC done by our trusted partner Vega Force Company

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