95 Metre Airsoft DMR (Custom CYMA CM032 M14 DMR AEG Review)

In this #airsoft review I finally show off my beloved Custom CYMA CM032 M14 DMR AEG build, probably the most dangerous gun in my arsenal due to its outrageous range and lethal accuracy!

The #cyma CM032 is a very accurate airsoft gun out of the box due to its gargantuan 550mm inner barrel and effective hop unit. To make it into a monster 95 metre airsoft DMR all I’ve done is chuck a stronger spring in it, R-hop it and thats it. 90+ metres with 0.45g rounds! That’s a good range for a 500FPS sniper rifle! Being a semi-automatic DMR allows this gun to be a real nuisance against enemy snipers who cannot compete with the volume of fire that a DMR offers.

The #m14 isn’t a small gun, however. Weighing in at a healthy 4 kilograms it can be quite tiring to hold up all day long. On top of that it isn’t a short weapon either which makes getting snagged on foliage a piece of cake. It’s not the sort of weapon you want to end up with in close range combat.

These little foibles aside, being able to outrange the vast majority of airsoft guns on the field can pay dividends if you get dug in. With this CYMA Airsoft M14 I can hit enemies before they can even dream of reaching me with their airsoft weapons!

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