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Location – So Kwun Wat
Date – 2021
Temperature – 22’c-26’c
Humidity -75%

My Gear –
Marui M4 MWS GBB(14.5′) with EOTech EXPS-3.0(Black), American Defence rising mount for EoTech, Unity Tactical Fast Flip Mount for Eotech G33, Magpul CTR Stock(FDE) , Magpul MOE K2+ Grip(Dark), Magpul MBUS Front Sight(Black), Magpul MBUS Back Sight(Black), Magpul M-Lok Rail Cover Type 1l, Magpul M-Lok Hand Grip(Black),SureFire Flash Hider, Surefire M600V Scout Flashlight(Black), SureFire Replacement RearCap, Steiner Optics DBAL-A2(Black), Unity Tactical TNVC TAPS Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch, Geissele 13.5″ UGRI MK16 SSC(FDE),C&C Tac Charging Handle, PDI 6.08 370mm Precision Barrel, PDI Hopup
Secondary Weapon
Cyma 40mm Grenade Launcher
Multi-Cam Tropic Hat
Invisio M3 Headset (Black)
Smith Optical aegis arc Protection Glass
Crye Precision G3 Tropic Combat Shirt
Crye Precision G3 Tropic Combat Pants
Body Armour-
Spiritus System Micro Flight Chassis MK4
Spiritus System Micro Fight Fat Strap
Spiritus System Fight Back Strap
Spiritus System Micro Fight Expander Wings
Spiritus System Micro Fight Half Flap
Spiritus SYstem SACK Pouch MK3
with Spiritus System Rifle Magazine Insert and Single insert, Pistol Magazine Insert, 3 Loop Pouch Insert, Hook, Universal Retention Kit with Combat Application Tourniquet.
Crye Precision Modular Rigger’s Belt (MRB) MultiCam With Blue Force Gear Drum Pouch, Customise green gas pouch, LBT GPS Pouch , Crye Precision 152/Bottle Pouch.
Mechanix Wear The original grove, Magpul MS2 Sling
Solomon Mountain Shoes
TCA PRC-152 GPS Radio
3M U94 PTT
Mohoc Helmet Camera
Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS
Bag pack-
LBX 3 Day Lite Pack


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