Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – #4 Scope Cam – VSR Sniper

I play at Shock and Awe Airsoft, North Wales. This video features footage from the North West Airsoft Alliance game at Shock and Awe Airsoft – 5/7/15
Big thanks to the organisers and marshalls for a cracking day! Some awesome fire fights from all the teams that attended.

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Rifle: VSR11 – 490FPS on 0.20g bb
bb’s: 0.40g Rockets Platinums
EZ Trigger (90 degree CNC trigger) AirsoftPro
Laylax Pss10 cylinder head
Laylax Pss10 spring guide
Airsoft Pro Hybrid piston
m150 spring
Dangerwerx type B hop arm (With TDC mod)
TM rubber bucking

DIY Mods:
Barrel spacers

Pistol: Tokyo Marui MK23 NBB
Gas: Nuprol 2.0
bb’s: .30g blasters

Scope cam – Panasonic hc-v510 – Filmed at 10x zoom
Headmounted – GoPro 3+

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