Airsoft Sniper – HEADSHOTS

Just to be clear these are not intentional headshots. The cross hair overlay does make it look like I’m aiming for the head but I’m not. Most shots have over hoped or a flyer / not going where I’ve aimed.

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Shock and Awe Airsoft

Rifle: VSR11 – 490FPS on 0.20g bb
bb’s: 0.40g Platnuim Rockets
EZ Trigger (90 degree CNC trigger) AirsoftPro
Laylax Pss10 cylinder head
Laylax Pss10 spring guide
Airsoft Pro Hybrid piston
m150 spring
Dangerwerx type B hop arm (With TDC mod)
TM rubber bucking

DIY Mods:
Barrel spacers

Pistol: Tokyo Marui MK23 NBB
BB’s: .30g blasters

Scope cam – Panasonic hc-v510 – Filmed at 15 x zoom
Headmounted – GoPro 3+

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