Airsoft Sniper | Novritsch SSG10 | 2 Pistols | Failed Paint Job

Did I mention sniping is hard? Yeah, it’s very hard but I like the challenge. These are some clips from one game from this past Saturday. I took down 7 enemies in this game but only showed some of them. Throughout the day, I did make a lot of hits so was happy with results. BTW, this gun is still stock but upgrades coming.

I painted my rifle and pistol. The paint job on pistol turned out well and holding up after a full day. The paint on sniper was a complete fail. I think because of material of rifle, the paint did not stick well. It was rubbing off easy. I am planning on putting a wrap on it and adding some foliage.

I also had another pistol sitting around so added a secondary pistol for fun. It is CZ-P09 using C02. I was able to shoot much faster however changing the cartridge is a pain and not knowing how much gas is left is disadvantage over green gas. With green gas I can top off whenever I want. With C02, I don’t want to replace cartridge between games because all this gas will spew out and waste of cartridge. I maybe forced to use this as it gets colder though. Also, because I had 2 pistols, I had to move one more towards front and kept getting rifle sling hooked on it.

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