Airsoft Sniper Scope Cam Bolt 500 fps #1

In game action with scope camera as well as another camera on the end of the barrel. Live action using two camera angles to capture the footage.

Apologies for the lighting on scope camera being so dark, lens for protection seems to keep things shaded, tried to edit it to be more bright but did not like the look.

Scope Camera: Samsung with mounted fiberglass shade for protection from bbs as well as adding jute coverage.
Go Pro Hero: Mounted on the end of the barrel for angle back towards sniper
—Mounted with a bicycle mount

Tokyo Marui VSR 10 (TM)
Durablity Upgrades:
–Zero trigger
–Action Army Piston
–Laylax cylinder, cylinder head and spring guide 7mm
–.3 bbs in this video, although I prefer .4 madbull/king arm bbs

Hop Up Upgrades:
–6.01mm DEEs custom barrel
–Dangerwerx Hop up arm
–Firefly Bucking
–Anti Flex Plate by Cheeseman
–Custom Barrel spacers electric tape x 3

–Foam added for quieter shots
–Foam filled stock as well as pen spring for mag catch (stronger)
–External pouch for mags

–4X40 mm scope

Ghillie Suit
–Fancher Custom Ghillie Suit Full body coverage and concealment
–Custom Rifle Wrap for barrel
–Vavann style scope wrap

Gear Set Up:
-Primary: TM VSR 10 x 3-5 mags
-Sidearm: TM m1911 x 3 mags
-Chest rig with radio pouch, three pistol pouch, two m4 pouches
-Sidearm on holster on belt for easy access
-Goggles ESS Profile goggles with Turbo Fan from G&G
-Cold Steel Knife (training)


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